Hauppauge High School Students Travel to Costa Rica

During the February 2014 break, Hauppauge High School’s IB Spanish, AP Spanish and Spanish 4H classes – led by Senora Aigen and Senor Kraft – traveled to Costa Rica to immerse themselves into the rich culture of Costa Rica. Over the course of nine days, the students traveled from the mountainous urban sprawl of San Jose, to the bright Arenal Volcano Area, to the lush Cloud Forest, and even to the beautiful white sand Pacific beaches at Manuel Antonio National Park. “From horseback riding, to zip-lining, to preparing traditional Costa Rican food, there was never a dull moment in this beautiful country,” described Hauppauge High School Junior James Bie.

The students also had an opportunity to visit one of the local Costa Rican public schools to get a glimpse into how students learn in other cultures. The Hauppauge students bonded with their Costa Rican counterparts by engaging in their daily school activities as well as playing a friendly, competitive soccer game.

“Between the wonderful food, people, countryside, and the friends made along the way, this learning experience has been an unforgettable journey into a bold and familiar, yet different, culture than our own,” stated Bie.


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