380 Townline Forgotten at a Crossroads [Empty in Hauppuage]

Tell us what kinds of businesses and services it would be useful to have close to the public library.

Unlike other towns on Long Island, Hauppauge doesn't had an official main street. There are several intersections where community centers and retail mesh together to create the sense of downtown area or a town center.

One central location is corner of Townline Road and Veterans Highway in Hauppauge. The is located on this corner, tucked neatly behind the longstanding , practically a local institution, and close to the popular burger joint. 

However, there are several empty retail spaces at this crossroads that remain vacant despite receive heavy traffic. Signs proclaim 380 Townline Road is "Available For Rent."

The gray, worn industrial office building has been vacant for more than a year despite a constant stream of library patrons traveling through its parking lot. It had three units totaling 9,800 square-feet available for rent, nearly two-thirds of its 16,000-square-foot footprint, according to Loopnet. The listing has since been pulled off the market. 

Yet the building remains mostly empty, abandoned. 

How do you think the building could be renovated to better serve the community? What kinds of businesses would it be useful to have located close to the library?

Michele October 29, 2011 at 01:29 PM
A Long Island Museum would be nice.
Mark D West February 19, 2013 at 02:00 AM
alot has changed here


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