#98 - Rev. Monsignor Francis Midura: Leading The Faithful of St. Thomas More

Rev Monsignor Francis Midura talks about his decision to join the church and leading local Catholic worshippers.

Rev. Monsignor Francis Midura has been leading Catholic Masses at  in Hauppauge for more than eight years. Patch asked Midura to sit down for a question-and-answer session to learn more about this local religious leader, his parish and advice for members of the Hauppauge community as part of our "Faces in Hauppauge" series.

Q: " What inspired you to be a priest?"

Midura: “When I was growing up in my own parish in Glen Cove, the priests who were assigned in that parish were people that were hard working and inspirational role models. I liked what I saw and thought, 'I’d like to do what I see them doing.' "

Q: "What kind of things are you currently doing to help your community?"

Midura: "Being their pastor, I try to meet their spiritual needs and demands. That flows over to other aspects of parish life, all the way from preparing them for baptism, reconciliation, communion, confirmation, as well as people’s personal needs. I also help people deal with losses in life through consolation and counseling."

Q: "What are some of the challenges you have faced in your work?"

Midura: "The challenges are people’s struggles with the ways of the world versus the ways of the Lord. The struggles are part of trying to find God in one’s life."

Q: "What is the most satisfying part of being a pastor? What keeps you going?"

Midura: "Seeing people find meaning in being part of the parish keeps me going. I have the satisfaction to witness people’s spiritual growth. It’s not always successful, but the satisfying part is getting people to feel that the parish is their home."

Q: "What is some advice you would give to a young person who is looking to go into your line of work?"

Midura: "Go for it! It’s a challenging way of life, but it’s a calling that God extends. If God extends it, I think we have a reason to pursue it and embrace it. I received my calling when I was 13 or 14. I was in Catholic school, which had a lot to do with it. I entered the Seminary High School in 1958 and I was ordained in 1970."


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