Dangerous Snow Piles Around Hauppauge

Record snowfalls have created dangerous piles near local roadways and parking lots.

Hauppauge has been hit by back-to-back winter storms that have dumped snow, freezing rain and sleet on local roadways. 

It started with more than 14 inches of snow from the Dec. 26, 2010 storm and continued to grow with approximately 16 inches on Jan. 12.  The temperature hasn't risen enough to melt the the snow, so the piles kept growing higher on Jan. 26 and 27. 

Patch photographers took the community, finding drifts throughout the community the demonstrated the snow's depth. Do you have any pictures that fit the theme "We've had snow up to here."  Upload them to share or send them to editor Sara Walsh at sara-megan.walsh@patch.com. 

Susan Sparago February 05, 2011 at 03:47 AM
The snow is too high on the corner of Townline Rd. and Wedgewwod Drive, you can't see the oncoming cars on Townline Rd. when coming out of Wedgewood Drive. The town of Islip should remove some of the 5 ft. snow banks for safe driving.
Maureen Arasmo February 06, 2011 at 04:15 PM
The bus stops are very dangerous these days as a result of all the snow piled up at the end of our dead end streets along Brooksite Drive. Kids and parents are slipping and sliding through the single lane of waiting cars to get to the bus because a much narrower street of icy walls is all the sub-contracted snow plow left us with. I contacted the town this week asking for help but there has been no response. Last night, an ambulance had a hard time getting down our block because there was a car trying to drive up in the opposite direction and neither had the room to get around the other. What are we supposed to do?


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