Hauppauge Engine Company 3's Santa Parade Guide

Hauppauge firefighters to escort Santa around to visit local children starting at 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Hauppauge Fire Department's Engine Company 3 prepares for its 29th annual Santa Parade this Saturday. It is the longest running Santa parade in the town and one of the most extensive on Long Island, according to its volunteer members. 

Engine Company 3's members have made a few safety requests and suggestions to make sure Santa can make his way to visit with children in all parts of the neighborhood. To help, Hauppauge firefighters have several tips and pieces of advice for residents watching the parade.

Suggestions for enjoying the parade:

The scheduled time of the parade stops is a rough estimate, and may change due to traffic and/or crowds. Please arrive at a stop early to make sure you see Santa.

* Work with neighbors to make sure all cars are parked on one side of the street. The fire department’s trucks are wide, and need extra room to make it down the street safely.  Narrow streets with too many cars may be skipped over.

* Wait on the sidewalk or lawn until all trucks have come to a complete stop. Santa will get off the truck to meet with the children.

* Unfortunately, the Santa parade cannot stop for individuals. Head to one of the announced parade stops to have a chance to meet with Santa. 

* Do not call fire dispatch for updates on the parade. It distracts volunteers from performing an important job.

Here's a list of this year's Santa parade stops. 

 Time   Location and Length of Parade Stop  4:35 p.m.   5-minute stop at Andrea Lane & Alice Lane  4:45 p.m.   5-minute stop at Ardra Court & Alpine Court  5 p.m.   5 -minute stop at Grassy Pond between Schubert & Belmont  5:10 p.m.  15-minute stop at Pines Elementary School   5:35 p.m.  45-minute stop on Colonial Drive  6:35 p.m.  30-minute stop in vicinity of 107 Grandview Lane  7:25 p.m.  15-minute stop at Dewberry Place and Autumn Lane  7:50 p.m.   20-minute stop at 34 Sunflower Drive  8:20 p.m.  10-minute stop at Glenwood Drive and Gatewood Drive  8:45 p.m.   20-minute stop at 53 Robin Drive  9:30 p.m.   15-minute stop at Executive Drive and Lark Place  9:55 p.m.  10-minute stop in vicinity of 46 Cardinal Lane  10:20 p.m.  10-minute stop at Eagle Lane and Swan Lane 




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