Photo of the Day: Sign Asks Others to Pray for our Nation

Signs posted outside Calvary Lutheran Church in Hauppauge ask drivers, residents to pray for our nation.


Hauppauge residents are taking note of two signs them to "Pray for our Nation" outside Calvary Lutheran Church in Hauppauge.

A local resident dropped off the two, small white signs at the church office on Thursday morning, asking its members if they would be kind enough to post them where it would be visible.

The church's office staff said they didn't ask why, but thought it would generally be good to ask local residents to pray for the nation and its well-being. They didn't think twice about the potential political implications.

The signs appeared the morning after President Barak Obama and Mitt Romney's first presidential debate of the 2012 election season.

We can't help but ask, do you feel there's a need to pray for our nation after watching last night's debate? 


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