Boutique Bakery Offers Atypical Super Bowl Treats

Cupcake Couture will have cupcakes adorned with 49ers and Ravens logos, among other themed cupcakes, ready for Super Bowl XLVII parties.

Chips and dip, buffalo wings, beer and soda usually make up the menu for Super Bowl parties, but how about cupcakes?

Cupcake Couture on Main Street in Smithtown is adding cupcakes, small cakes and giant cupcakes with a Super Bowl XLVII theme to their menu until the day of the big game.

The cupcakes with have either chocolate or vanilla-based cake with vanilla butter-creme icing, and be adorned with both the 49ers and Ravens logos. The small cakes and giant cupcake with have both team logos and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Cupcakes with the logos will be $3.50 and both the small cake and giant cupcakes will start at $35. The giant cupcake, according to Cupcake Couture Owner John Johnson, feeds 12-18 people.

Johnson described the sales for football-related cupcakes for last year's Super Bowl as "unbelievable," prompting him to make them again this year.

Sales were aided by having the New York Giants in the Super Bowl last year, but Johnson said he's not worried about sales despite not having a local team in the game this year.

"I think there will be some shortfall in sales but not that much," he said. "To people that have Super Bowl parties every year it doesn't matter, they're having that party."

To ensure the products are at their freshest, Cupcake Couture will start baking them Thursday up until Super Bowl Sunday.

Johnson's Super Bowl XLVII predictions: Baltimore Ravens 28, San Fransisco 49ers 24.

theresa February 03, 2013 at 08:06 PM
placed an order with thiss tore once and WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN OR RECCOMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. if they want to charge the price they do they should have orders ready when they are suppose to, and should apologize and acknowledge when they make a mistake so that they can keep a customer happy. plus the cupcakes were smaller than the ones they have on display,and they only tasted OKAY!


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