Large Turnout, New Exhibitors at the HIA Trade Show

Exhibitors and attendees pleased by large turnout, unsure if it will translate into new business relationships and sales.

A large turnout and first-time exhibitors brought new energy to the floor of the Hauppauge Industrial Association’s 23rd Long Island Business Trade Show and Conference on Thursday. 

More than 3,600 businesspeople pre-registered for the HIA trade show, according to its President Terri Alessi-Miceli, who said the record-breaking turnout was an early indicator of success. It was quickly noticed by both exhibitors and attendees.

“They did a great job of promoting the trade show, better than they have in the past. They have more people coming in from outside of the Hauppauge Industrial Park,” said Russell Siegall, owner of in Hauppauge. 

First-time exhibitors included Make-A-Wish of Suffolk County and Novak Motors in Hauppauge who attempted to take advantage of the networking opportunities at the trade show.

 “I now have a lot of opportunities to save money on office supplies and get better prices,” said Amy Doberman, spokeswoman for Novak Motors. “Any money we can save can go directly to our customers.” 

First-time exhibitors and influx of attendees brought a new energy to the trade show floor and seminars.

“The biggest difference since last year is there’s been a lot of different new business faces, which is one of the biggest indicators of success,”Alessi-Miceli said.

However, some companies said they weren’t sure if the larger crowd would translate into new business relationships or sales. Siegall said many people who approached Sign-A-Rama’s booth were trying to sell him thing, while Doberman of Novak Motors, who leases and sells cars, took a wait-and-see approach.

“It’s all very up in the air. What we’ll get from it, I won’t know until a month or two from now,” she said. “For the money we put into this, if we get one customer we’ll get our money back.”

 For Vinne Vulpi, owner of in Hauppauge, the trade show had an immediate impact as people swarmed the booth looking to taste a slice of pizza and paid off at his storefront.

“I just got off the phone with my guy in the store who said we were slammed for lunch,” Vulpi said. 


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