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Mexi Burrito at Vallarta Mexican Grill Packs a Spicy Mouthful

Vallarta Mexican Grill had a soft opening over Memorial Day weekend.

Vallarta Mexican Grill opened over Memorial Day weekend at 601 Veterans Highway, serving hot and fresh Mexican food where Sonoma Coffee Cafe was last year.

The Dish: Mexi Burrito with Chicken ($6.70)

What's Inside: There are bite-sized pieces of seasoned chicken mixed with white rice, chopped onion, cilantro with black beans and hot salsa wrapped in a warm flour burrito.

How's It Taste: It's a fresh and hearty meal that delivers well-seasoned, authentic Mexican flavor.

The burrito comes tightly wrapped in white paper inside aluminum foil to keep moisture as it cools from dampening the flour shell, which would make it impossible to hold. Even upon unwrapping the tight package, the burrito holds its shape.

Whether your bite into or slice the burrito, there's a slightly hint of Mexico that awaits. The white rice, black beans and chicken are evenly balanced and mixed throughout the burrito.

While it's spicy, it's not too hot for your average Joe to handle. Vallarta offers all customers a choice of mild or hot salsa in their food, with two different types of hot sauce on each table. These options allow the burrito's heat to be fixed according to your preference.

Eat This Because: Each order is freshly cooked while you are waiting. We didn't mind the five-minute wait for a meal hot off the grill.

Sides: Every meal comes with free chips and salsa, regardless of whether you eat in or grab it to go. The free tortilla chips are crunchy and lightly seasoned. For those with a sweet tooth, the hot churros ($1 each) are a treat, crispy and cinnamon sweet on the outside with a soft doughy inside.


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