News Station To Broadcast Live From MacArthur

JVC Broadcasting launching the station on Dec. 26.

MacArthur airport.
MacArthur airport.

Live from MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma will be a 24-hour news radio station starting Dec. 26.

WRCN 103.9 FM, which recently switched from a classic rock format into Christmas music for the holiday season, will be launching as The Long Island News Radio station from a former office near the baggage claim in the airport, Newsday reports.

John Caracciolo, president of JVC Broadcasting which owns the station, told Newsday the new station will be focused on Long Island news, featuring traffic, sports and talk show among its programming.

"The media still looks at us as a bedroom community," Caracciolo said in the report regarding the station’s potential audience. "We're bigger than some states; and there isn't a news talk station."

Islip Town is hoping the station will help promote the airport to wider markets, fill vacant space with a paying tenant and establish a new resource for public information during emergencies, town spokesperson Inez Birbiglia said in the report.

While JVC is working on moving its headquarters into Patchogue Village, Caracciolo said in the report the airport’s location was chosen as he considers it a hub since its the only major airport in the area.

JVC is paying “fair market value” of $15 to $18 per square foot to Islip Town for a 250 square feet studio and office space. The station is planning to employ 20 full-time and part-time staffers. Station general manager Matthew Goldapper said in the report that the station plans on having college students report and produce news segments as well.

Click here for the original report on Newsday (Subscription).


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