Relationships, Staying Competitive Keeps Smithtown Appliances Open

The Main Street appliance store has been open in Smithtown for 48 years.

The business with likely the most noticeable and retro sign on all of Smithtown’s Main Street has been in business for almost 50 years with no signs of slowing down – Smithtown Appliances.  

In an era where big box stores dominate, Smithtown Appliances continues to keep prices competitive. How the store keeps its prices on or better than its competition is its affiliation with Intercounty Appliance, an appliance buying cooperative.

Vito Blandi, who also is affiliated with the buying cooperative, owns Smithtown Appliances. According to the owner’s son, also named Vito, having the right price coupled with excellent customer service makes it hard for people not to shop there. 

“He buys right, we sell right, and then we do everything with relationships,” he said. “If you’ve got this price no matter where you go all we need to do is care more. If you care more you’re going to keep your relationships.”

These relationships have kept the business up-and-running for 48 years.  

“Initially before he [Vito] grew up to be the youngster he is now, I dealt with his father. The service here is excellent. You know how many places I could go to, right? Didn’t even bother to compare,” said longtime customer Michael Costanzo. 

Mark Cohen, a 14-year Smithtown Appliances employee with more than 25 years experience in selling appliances, said everyone at Smithtown Appliances is like family to each other.

“I work for good people, and I work for honest people,” said 14-year employee “I don’t plan on going anywhere else. We all work with each other.” 

The appliance store still continues to build new relationships with customers today.

“I’ve been meaning to stop in and see what they could offer and I was pleasantly surprised that the small store does offer customer satisfaction in a sense that they give you their personal attention … and the prices seem to be very competitive,” said Fred Domini, a first-time customer and 10-year Smithtown resident while shopping with his wife Debbie. 

Although they serve a lot of local clientele, the relationships extend well beyond the Town of Smithtown, with orders shipping out regularly to the Hamptons and throughout Long Island to Brooklyn, Manhattan and more.

While the younger Vito is not in an ownership role of the family business yet, keeping all of the relationships thriving is what keeps him around. 

“I got into this business partly because it was a continuity of my parent’s dream and life’s work, part of it was we have a very good clientele, we’ve always had a good clientele,” he said. “I like the business.”

Ken Heard September 29, 2012 at 01:02 AM
That Smithtown Appliance neon sign looks as if it jumped out of the 1950s' along with Marty McFly. When was this sign manufactured and what is the name of the company that manufactured it. Have you ever had the sign appraised ? Do you have the original bill of sale?. Iam no aart or antique expert, but this well preserved "period piece" may very well be a work of art. I think it should be removed trom the building and placed in a clean, safe storage facility. You have been luxky up to now, but with each passing day, this same sign calls a less than honest "art lover" , who may insist on a five finger discount. And don't be discouraged if you get a low appraisal. The best reason to buy an artifact is because the item interests YOU. I have many copies of original newspapers from the Civil War which. according to appraisers, are worth only a few dollara each. But I did not purchase them because I wqnted to get rich quick. . I purchased them because I luked them. As time passed, I found specific items in the newspaper that increased the paper's value. For example, I have an April 5, 1862 edition of the New York Trribune, listing several Broadway plays well worth seeing. One play highlighted is Shakespeare's Richard III, starring none other than John Wilkes Booth !. I did not discover r that until I had the paper for several years. Best of luck in your quest
JDGNY September 29, 2012 at 10:36 AM
I've lived in Smithtown for over 37 years and have bought appliances from Vito Sr. and Jr. I was always happy with the results. They will match any legitimate price and they are customer service oriented. They will go out of their way to make certain that you receive all the support possible from the appliance manufacturers and service providers. I highly recommend them.
marguerite zangrillo September 29, 2012 at 01:45 PM
I purchased appliances from Smithtown Appliance store and had no problem/. Good prices, very nice service
HeyJoe September 29, 2012 at 05:56 PM
absolutely untrue. they gave me zero customer service and no support. they told me it was my electric and my problem. it turned out it was the stove they delivered. next one worked fine as i said. if you get something and have no problem all is well and good. if you have a problem, they are awful to deal with.
Marion Knott September 29, 2012 at 07:51 PM
We have lived here since 1963 and always valued Smithtown Appliance. When we are in San Francisco there is no such store so we have to shop around and hope for the best. I have told the kids where to go when they need reliable service.


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