Smithtown Mobil Tacks on Nearly $1 to Credit Prices

Tell us, would you use a station charging a $1 difference between its cash and credit prices, or is this price gouging?

If plastic is your preferred method of payment for gas, then be prepared to cough up almost $1 more per gallon at a local Smithtown Mobil station.

Readers alerted Patch that Mobil gas station on Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown, off Old Willets Path, is charging customers paying with cash $3.88 per gallon for regular gasoline. The gas station's price increases to $4.78 per gallon for credit, a nearly $1 difference. 

Customers looking for full-service at this station face an even steeper price. Customers here will pay almost $1 more, $4.79 per gallon of regular, to have it pumped for them and $5.69 per gallon to drivers paying for full service with plastic. 

An employee of the Mobil gas station said the nearly $1 price difference between cash and credit was not a mistake, but an intentional decision by the station's management. He could not explain the reason for the surcharge, and managers were unavailable Friday morning. 

A spokeswoman for Long Island Gas Retailers Association said gas station owners have the right to set a different price for customers paying with debit/credit, instead of cash. 

A Wave gas station at 278 West Main Street, Smithtown, roughly 1.8 miles from the Mobile gas station, has a price of $4.03 per gallon cash and $4.13 per gallon paid by credit. Wave is a full-service gas station with no extra service charge. 

Similarly,   charges $3.96 per gallon of regular for customers paying cash and $4.06 per gallon credit. According to a handwritten sign at the pump, that price also includes a free coffee.

Tell us, would you use a station charging a $1 difference between its cash and credit prices, or is this price gouging?

Irondog March 14, 2012 at 08:13 PM
If Hess starts charging more for credit, then I go with a handful of change and singles when I fill my 32 gallon tank. Yeehah!!
Jimmy Bones March 14, 2012 at 11:12 PM
My bet is they stay same price. Hess at kings park rd always busy when I drive by. I use Hess at Home Depot. Attendant says they are doing well.
JonCBooBoo March 15, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Hess in South Medford does NOT charge extra for credit. It's the Hess in Patchogue (South of Sunrise ) that DOES charge extra for credit and it's more expensive. I know, as I'm a local and I've been using the South Medford Hess as my regular station for years. It's only a few pennies more then the local Turkish run discount stations.
Gas station owners in most cases are just trying to cover there cost tp process credit cards. On average it should never cost more then 2 to 3% more for them especially when the prices are on the rise. In most cases there max rate is 1.90% or the better of max rate of .95 cents. ($40x1.90%=$0.76) thats what they will pay to process the card you gave them. Much less if a debit card. When gas prices are on the rise I guess some places like the stations mentioned are taking advantage. $60 x 1.90%=$1.14 but there max rate cost to them is .95 cents.There protecting themselves by saying they are charging for the full service which to me is not right. If they are charging $1.00 per gallon, they are making about $14.00 more based on an average 15 gallon fill up.As the summer comes its time to keep our radars on for this. Make it a rule to never pay more then 11 cents above.
Alex April 24, 2012 at 07:42 PM
Sorry, I meant Patchogue. You are absolutely right.


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