The Dish: Triple Decker Sandwich at the Palace

This is a true gem on the menu at the Hauppauge Palace Diner, sitting on the Hauppauge-Smithtown border.

While this diner has Hauppauge in its name, it's on that Hauppauge-Smithtown border, and a stop for all the hungry people in both towns. If you're looking for a great, filling sandwich with an abundance of sides the has what you need – the Grilled Chicken Breast Triple Decker.

The Dish: Grilled Chicken Breast Triple Decker Sandwich ($10.95)

What is it: An ample amount of crispy bacon, tender and succulent grilled chicken, juicy tomato and crisp lettuce – stacked so tall it won't fit in your mouth. If you'd like sanwich you could add mayonaise or any dressing of your choice to the sandwich.

How does it taste: To put it simply, it's delicious ... and filling. The bacon isn't too salty, the grilled chicken is lightly seasoned so you get its real flavor, and the lettuce and tomato tie everything together. The added mayonaise keeps the sandwich from being a little on the dry side, too.

Sides: Do you like french fries? Because it comes with them on the side, underneath and on top of the sandwich. And these fries are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. And they are lightly salted, too.

Why you should eat this: It is filling, it tastes great, and the price won't hurt your pockets.


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