Upstate Truck Cleans Up Hauppauge Industrial Park

The Town of Smithtown coordinated the effort to help 55,000 employees get back to work.

Employees of the Hauppauge Industrial Park had a much easier time getting to work Tuesday morning, after the Town of Smithtown coordinated a plow sent from upstate directly to the park to clear the roadways.

On Monday, park faced a virtual standstill as its 55,000 employees were barely able to navigate through the park's poorly plowed roads and rivers that had formed due to overflowing drains, Terri Alessi-Miceli, President of Hauppauge Industrial Association, said.

After complaints were made to the Town, the Highway Department sent a plow, that had been brought in from upstate, directly to the industrial park.

"They plowed last night and sanded," Alessi-Miceli said. "It was much, much better this morning."

The drainage problem was also fixed last night, she said.

A major factor in the Town's plowing troubles is due to ice created from the rain prior to Thursday and Friday's heavy snowfall, Smithtown's Public Safety Director John Valentine, said.


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