What's Open in Hauppauge

Find out where to get food, a hot meal, gas for your car and other supplies after Hurricane Sandy.


In an effort to keep everyone informed we have compiled a list of what's open in Hauppauge. Here are a few places that are open locally to sit down to a hot meal, buy food and water, fill the car with gas and more.

We realized they may be more, please let us know what you find. Please share your information with us, as we will continually update this list. You can comment below or email the editor at sara-megan.walsh@patch.com. 

Hot Food

  • Branchinelli's 
  • Hauppauge Palace Diner on Route 347
  • Hauppauge Paradise Diner on Vets Highway
  • Starbucks on Smithtown Boulevard, Nesconset


  • Guinta's Meat Farms
  • Northeast Equipment 


  • Gulf on Vets Highway and Motor Parkway
  • Hess on Route 347 and Route 111
  • Shell on Smithtown Boulevard in Nesconset

Public Facilities

  • Hauppauge Public Library 


  • Business Corners in Hauppauge
  • Top Shelf Liquor


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