Surf Serves Up Fresh Wings at Hurricane Grill

Hurricane Grill and Wings in Hauppauge's Motor Parkway Plaza serves up fresh wings in more than 30 flavors.

Commack resident Steven Critelli, a former real estate agent, used the change in the economy to. Critelli opened opening Hurricane Grill and Wings, a Florida-based chain, in Hauppauge's Motor Parkway Plaza on Dec. 5.

Critelli said "Wing" is tacked onto Hurricane Grill's name because the chain is known for its fresh jumbo wings, bone-in and boneless, in more than 30 flavors among Florida locals.

Hearing all the fuss over Hurricane Grill and Wings' chicken wings meant Patch had to stop by and try it out.

The Dish: 10-piece Boneless Wing Platter ($8.99, $10.49 platter)

What's Inside: Hurricane Grill serves 10 pieces of white meat, boneless chicken wings in your choice of up to 2 of its more than 30 flavors, sorted and ranked into 5 level of heat intensity. If it's your first time and you aren't sure what to get, asked for four sauce samples for free with tiny tasting spoons - servers openly called it "the Baskin Robbins of wing."

For an additional $1.50, the boneless wings is made into a platter with your choice from two out of three: French fries, homemade potato chips and coleslaw. The homemade potato chips are made in a variety of flavors.

How's It Taste: The 10-piece boneless wing platter is large, enough wings and fries to easily serve a decent lunch for two.

The key to a good pair of wings is a finger licking sauce. After getting samples of four free flavors, we settled on Category 3 Garlic Parmesan w and Category 4 Jamacian Jerk.

The Garlic Parmesan is a fiery tabasco based sauce where the tangy heat hits you up front, while not being overbearing. However, there's a pleasant tang of garlic and creaminess from the cheesy topping sprinkled on over the sauce.

It's the Jamaican Jerk that offers a complex, finger licking sauce that will keep you coming back for more. The rich and savory sauce thickly coats the wings with a sweet and yet spicy flavor, that almost tastes like a spicy cinnamon at first. Then the heat gradually begins to build to a pleasant heat with only a mild afterburn. By the next bit, it's back to sweet and spicy.

Eat This Because: The chicken wings are fresh, juicy and pump that come in enough sauces that there's sure to be a flavor to please everyone.

Non-wing lovers can choose simple, non-spicy flavors while risk-takes can take on the Category 5 Ridiculously Hot Hurricane Sauce. You've been warned, and servers will double check if you order this on.

Sides: The standard fries are fresh, crisp and sprinkled with fry seasoning that don't need any added salt or pepper. Even avid ketchup lovers will realize there's no need to reach for the bottle.

The homemade potato chips are cut slightly thicker than your store-bought brands, with a thick edge and crisp enter. The chips are evenly tossed with a choice of mesquite or barbecue rub, both are flavorful without being too spicy.

Mic hael Filaseta December 16, 2011 at 10:40 PM
Where,please, is Hauppauge Motor Pkwy Plaza???
Sara Walsh (Editor) December 17, 2011 at 08:51 PM
Hauppauge's Motor Parkway Plaza is located off Exit 55 of the Long Island Expressway. Head north of the LIE on Motor Parkway, and go to the second light. - Sara Walsh, Hauppauge Patch Editor


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