Route 111 Blockbuster Fails to Impress [Empty in Hauppauge]

Tell us what you would like to see replace the video rental and retail space on Route 111 in Hauppauge.

Hauppauge has very little local retail space. Store owners jockey for the best storefront in the Hauppauge Shopping Center off Route 347 or along Route 111/Townline Road. 

Yet one of the newest retail buildings stands alone, empty and vacant for nearly a year. 

The former Blockbuster building on Route 111 has been empty for almost a year since the chain's bankruptcy forced stores to close. Multiple signs reading "retail space for lease" are posted on its large glass windows. 

The location is difficult to reach. Its parking lot is located off an awkward traffic light where Route 111/Wheeler Road shortly before the main intersection with Route 347. 

The 7,400-square-foot building zoned for retail has parking for more than 130 vehicles. It was previously listed on Loopnet with for an annual lease of $46,000, but has since been removed. 

What should be done here? What would you like to see?

Jonathan Vecchi October 26, 2011 at 03:11 PM
The owner really should look to change the floor plan of the property. Perhaps if he put the door in a central location and divided the large space into smaller offices it would be able to be used for local offices. Perhaps adding a second story if things were going well. It is a lot harder to find a lease tenant for such a large space. I don't understand why the owner would hold onto the property vacant for so many years, taking the hits of property taxes. He really should try something different.
Christina Merendino October 26, 2011 at 08:45 PM
Hauppauge needs a CVS or Walgreens in that spot!! We don't have any 24 hour pharmacies nearby when you have a family emergency during the night! Who feels like driving into Smithtown or Islandia at 4 in the morning when you're child has an ear infection? Also...Taco Bell would make a killing in the old Pizza Hut spot!!!
Christopher D'Antonio October 27, 2011 at 02:26 AM
I am awaiting the arrival of second floor apartments above stores in Hauppauge, unfortunately we'll be waiting until the construction of sewer lines before that happens. I do agree that a 24 hour pharmacy would be a good use of the site. I would also suggest that something be done about the size of the parking lot behind the stores; it seems that a small amount of the parking could be removed to place another small store with plenty of spaces to spare. A Trader Joe's might also be a good use for the site. John, the property owner is likely a huge entity that can easily handle the taxes on a small property, especially if they expect to make a windfall in a prospective "market recovery."


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