Where to Catch a Rising (or Setting) Planet?

Six heavenly objects visible starting Monday night and through the week.

The stars were out at the Oscars on Sunday but was the place to see some real heavenly bodies. And unlike at the Oscars, you don't have to wait a whole year to see them all in the same place again.

There's going to be another great show in the heavens starting Monday night, according to Sky and Telescope's website. This past weekend offered a chance to see but on Monday evening, starting just after sunset, Mercury will also be visible on the western horizon.

The window of opportunity will be short to catch Mercury as it will set early, according to an article in Sky and Telescope, but they suggest that 45 minutes after sunset should offer a good view of the planet. The problem is that since Mercury is so low in the sky and sets early, you'll need an unobstructed view of the horizon in the west to see it.

Mars will also appear low on the eastern horizon but it will rise as the night goes on. Residents will also be able to see the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Sirius (a.k.a the dog star), for a total of six bright heavenly bodies visible on Monday night.

Since Mercury will be one of the most difficult to catch, especially with a cluttered horizon, we'd like to get suggestions from our readers as to the best places around the area to observe the sunset and a chance to catch a glipse of Mercury.

Where can Hauppauge residents see Mercury when it makes its appearance this week?


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