Tips For Selling Your Home During the Holidays

Five quick tips to get your home sold during the holiday season.

Having an open house during the holiday season is a good idea for those serious about selling their home. Buyers are likely to be more serious too if they are willing to head our in the days before the end of the year. Local real estate agent Tricia Dwyer-Johnston shares some easy tips for moving your home off the market during the holidays.

1. No clutter
Before you decorate for the holidays, strategize. Remove some everyday accessories before you decorate. Don’t cover every surface; let the buyer view the home, not the decorations.

2. Keep it simple
Say yes to decorations, but keep it simple. Gold ornaments and table decorations can make a dining room glamorous and modern. Simple white lights, evergreen give a wintery look.

3. Dim the lights
Don’t go overboard on the outside decorations. Inflatable lawn ornaments may have to wait until next year. Try to compliment the house, not overwhelm it. Simple strings of lights set a festive mood.

4. Balance
A neat appearance is important. Make sure the tree is straight and not too big for the room so buyers don’t think the rooms are too small. Keep surfaces clean and uncluttered.

6. Mood
A calm, warm and soothing atmosphere is appealing. Play soft music; have some cider simmering on the stove and light the fireplace if you have it.


Holiday decorating tips by Tricia Dwyer-Johnston, licensed real estate salesperson. If you are interested in selling or buying real estate, contact Tricia the Realtor at (631) 921-6520.


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