Hauppauge artist needs your help!

Please take two minutes out of your day to vote for Hauppauge's own: Kelsey Archila's bucket feet entry! If she wins this competition she has the chance to have her shoes mass produced!  

The link is: http://www.bucketfeet.com/madetostandout/vote

Just register with an active email and vote! :) 

Kelsey Archila is a 23 year old artist from Long Island, NY. As a naturally talented doodler and self-taught painter, she discovered her passion for art by drawing on a pair of old canvas sneakers. Today, she sells customized sneakers through her website and spends her time as a loving art teacher for people with special needs. While working with these amazing individuals, she has learned that art is everywhere and in everyone, no matter what their limitations are. In her work, she portrays the universal need for happiness, love and adventure by mixing chaos and color into everything she creates. Between creating custom shoe designs and working to become the next BucketFeet artist, she lives by the notion “we aren’t typical, so why should our shoes be?”.


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