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41 Smithtown Residents Arrested In Heroin Ring Bust

Queens D.A. says ring turned the Long Island Expressway into the “heroin highway."

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said 96 heroin users, including 41 from Smithtown were arrested in an investigation called “Operation Heroin Highway”, according to a report on Newsday.

Twenty of the users involved were from Kings Park, 14 from Smithtown and seven were from Nesconset.

According to the report, drug purchases were made in city restaurants or in areas off highways such as the Long Island Expressway. The buyers in the drug deal were typically 20 to 25 years old.

 Insp. Michael Bryan of the NYPD is quoted in the article and characterized the users as people coming from "good families seemingly having it all."

Click here (subscription required) to read the entire report.

KpNibbler January 23, 2012 at 05:37 AM
Don't worry, I don't need help...I plan on protecting the things I've worked hard for from any spoiled addicts looking to score cash for their next fix..I grew up in this town as well, and believe me I know the ins and out...Sorry, but I have no sympathy for addicts, especially ones that have plenty of opportunity to do well and succeed.. I'm tired of listening to people call these addicts victims...Oh boo hoo, my life is so stressful and terrible, oh god I have to study for college.. I live at home with mommy and daddy, let me do nothing with my life and be an addict..let me blame the town that gives me nothing to do...Total and complete B.S...We all have tough times thrown at us in life, only the lazy and the weak resort to drugs...These aren't babies we are talking about, they are adults who should have learned along the way the reality of drugs...I have seen first hand what drugs do to people and the devastation it causes...It is self inflicted...You have to be completely inept not to know how dangerous drugs like heroine are...so if you chose to do it once, you are an idiot...plain and simple..If it was a simple matter of 2 or 3 people it would be a different story..This is an epidemic and a cancer in our town that needs to be wiped out before it spreads... Lets stop coddling these monster who are bringing this junk to our town...What ever happened to smokin' a bowl and downing a forty??? I'm sorry kpraised34, but you live in an altered state of reality...
kpraised34 January 23, 2012 at 05:32 PM
You are absolutely right, it is their choice and it's a bad one. To stereotype them as lazy and weak is just another stupid comment though. For your information there were names released about drug addicts in our town who went through HS with straight A's played sports got accepted to great colleges, but were brought down by this disease. Im not asking for your sympathy I'm simply stating that your comments on addiction are false and hurtful to people who may be struggling with this. I will say your right the excuses for doing it is just wrong but thats what happens, addict dont hold themselves accountable unless they get sober.
chris meehan January 25, 2012 at 06:49 PM
where were the SCPD.... giving out traffic tickets. There's no money for the county in actually fighting real crime!
chris meehan January 25, 2012 at 06:51 PM
where was SCPD on this bust? probably busy giving out traffic tickets. There's no revenue for the county in fighting real crime or solving murders in suffolk....
A Mom January 26, 2012 at 04:01 PM
and now a former Smithtown Buiding Inspector, already accused for wrong doing, is charged with possession of 50 glassine packets of heroin. He is 62 years old, draws a pension, lives in a great house in Nesconset....and was only charged with a misdemeanor? What message does this send? Elminate the slap on the wrist for drug possession. They should all be felonies!


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