Crime Report: Drunk Driver Asleep at Wheel, Assault

The following arrest information was supplied by the Suffolk County Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.


The Suffolk County Police Department reported these arrests and incidents:

Gregory Neway, 33, of Brentwood, was arrested Sept. 15 in Hauppauge and charged with DWI first-offense. Neway was sitting in a parked car on Sunflower Drive in Hauppauge which had the engine running, while Neway was asleep while holding the steering wheel. Police officers said he had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and failed a field sobriety test. 

Kendal Tinoco, 30, of Deer Park, was arrested in Hauppauge on Sept. 14 and charged with third-degree assault with intent to cause injury. Tinoco was outside of the Fourth Precinct when he punched a person several times in the face, causing them to sustain a lacerated cheek and broken nose. 

Johanna Cocco, 25, of Central Islip, was arrested in Hauppauge and charged with acting in a manner that injures a child under age 17. Cocco was sitting in the passanger seat of a Honda Civic that while parked, had the engine running. Police said the vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana, while Cocco had a three-year-old son sitting in the back seat of the car. She allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana outside of the vehicle while her son was locked inside the car, according to police reports. 


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