Police Revive Heroin Overdose Victim in Kings Park Plaza Parking Lot

Man found passed out in car just after midnight Thursday morning by police.

 A 21-year-old man found passed out in his vehicle from a heroin overdose early Thursday morning in Kings Park Plaza was revived by Suffolk County Police who administered doses of Narcan, a prescription drug used to reverse opiate overdoses.

Police, responding to an unrelated call just after midnight on Thursday morning, said they observed a man passed out in his vehicle. According to police, Officer Thomas Spica who was first on the scene, attempted to wake the man, who had a hypodermic needle in his lap, but he did not respond.  

Additional officers arrived to assist and began rescue breathing and administered Narcan.  Additional doses of Narcan were then administered by Kings Park Rescue. The vicitm was transported to St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center where he regained consciousness after a third dose of Narcan was administered.

Officers Douglas Nassisi, Patricia Davis and Kenneth Kaufold assisted in the man's rescue.

Lisa January 30, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Are you all happy that I changed my screen name. At the time, there was no "lisa" on here so it was not done intentionally to "Aggravate Others"!!!!! People just have nothing better to do with their time. Amazing! I guess no one can have the same name in this world. Since when????
holly January 30, 2013 at 07:29 PM
Katie, just to be clear again, I could not care less if there was one hundred Lisa's on here ... I just made the statement so our comments would not be confused as the same person. This is why I used a lower case L.
Bern January 30, 2013 at 09:53 PM
Hi John KM are you still there? If so can you please give us your opinion about this school that works to help people kick drugs? Please if you could, tell us what works and what doesn't work, in your opinion. http://www.thepinnacleschools.com/
John K Massaro January 30, 2013 at 10:33 PM
Personally, I'm not very fond of any establishment that is too quick & eager to label teens with issues, especially when there could be a monetary gain involved. I'd like to know how quick they are to medicate & subdue certain cases, rather than treat them. And I certainly don't believe in sending your problem child away to any institution. I'm a little concerned over what the term "Transport/escort services" means. I've seen some of these "escorts", where three goons in white coats come into your home & whisk your kid away Nazi-style, as if he's being arrested. Alot of these "behavioral issue programs" they have listed sound a lot like punishment programs or basically someplace where a parent can throw his/her problem child into when they can't or won't deal with it themselves. Hiding the problem isn't solving the problem. A child should never feel as if he's being punished for a possible sickness or problem he may have. And grouping these problem kids into one facility sounds a lot like that. The best place for a child to be is at home with his family. At least that's my two cents on the subject...
Karen MacDougall January 30, 2013 at 11:54 PM
So here is the question of the day, especially for parents who think they need no help from anyone else........If someone has irrefutable evidence that your own child is doing drugs, do you want them to let you know? As I have already stated in another drug blog, which was received poorly by someone who felt we should trust our kids, but who admitted on this blog that he did his fair share of drugs and drinking ( your parents trusted you I assume)......I want the community to let me know if my son is headed down the wrong path. I want any parent to tell my kid to watch his mouth or show some respect. I want him to know that the whole community, not just his family cares about him and cares about Kings Park enough to keep it clean and honorable.


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