Girl Approached By Suspicious Car Outside Hauppauge Middle School

School officials are asking parents to remind students of the stranger-danger issues.

Hauppauge school officials sent an urgent email out to parents and students of the Hauppauge school district on Thursday morning.

Superintendent Patricia Sullivan-Kriss notified district parents a female student was approached outside on Wednesday afternoon by an older man in a gold car who asked if she needed a ride. The student was able to leave the area safely, and the man drove away.

"We informed entire staff to remain extra vigilant as this did occur," said James Stucchio, assistant superintendent for business and operations.

The superintendent asked all parents to remind their students of stranger-danger issues. A letter on the district's website contains several safety suggestions including never leaving children unsupervised at a bus stop, encouraging students to walk together in groups and never getting into a car with a strange.

A full list of safety suggestions can be read in a letter on the district's website. 

Suffolk County police could not immediately be reached for further information on this incident.


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