Tennessee Fugitive Arrested at Holiday Inn Express

Daniel Silsbe was caught after being featured on the Mid-South Most Wanted TV program last November.

A Tennessee man featured on the Mid-South Most Wanted TV show last year was arrested and extradited back to the area after police learned he was staying at the Hauppauge Holiday Inn Express.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office – which encompasses Memphis, Tenn., one of Daniel Silsbe's last known addresses – the figutive was wanted for crimes he had pleaded guilty to in 2010, though fled to Missouri and finally to Suffolk County before being arrested.

Chip Washington, public information officer with the Shelby County Sherrif's Office, said that Silsbe had been tracked to Joplin, Mo. and moved up to Suffolk County to work in the construction trade after Hurricane Sandy touched down.

Detectives said that following the airing of the television program – in November of 2012 – "several tips on his location were advised by viewers" and Suffolk County Police said an anonymous tip led them to Silsbe's location. He was arrested by the warrant squad on March 20 and processed by the fugitive division.

Silsbe, age 32, was wanted for an aggravated assault and false imprisonment he admitted to doing in November of 2010, which involved both a man and a woman. Sheriffs did not have further information on the previous incident.

Silsbe has since been transported back to Shelby County, where he remains in custody.


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