Obama, Romney Neck-and-Neck in Smithtown

Voters in the town are in an even split between the candidates as of Tuesday afternoon.

While there are still hours left for locals to head to their polling stations and vote, there is an even divide among voters in the Town of Smithtown as of Tuesday afternoon between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.

Paul Sitkowski, a 22-year Kings Park resident who admitted to leaning Republican, voted Tuesday for Romney. Romney got his vote because he said Obama is "more of a socialist," an ideology he disagrees with.

Paul's wife Laura declined to share who she voted for but said her vote went to the candidate she felt has a better feel with international diplomacy. 

Richard Sidoti, an 18-year Kings Park resident, cast his vote for Obama. Sidoti, who said the economy and health care are his biggest concerns, said even though he is unsure about what Obama could accomplish with another term in office that he would never vote for Romney.

"Obama, I'm not sure because he couldn't do what the things he wanted to do, congress stopped him, I'm not sure about him yet," he said. "Romney is a flat out liar. I just don't like him."

Hauppauge resident Anthony Bernardo, while admitting he doesn't vote for a particular political party, gave his vote to Romney.

"I think we need a change here in the United States, more of a homebody type of individual and get away from the foreign policy," he said. "We need a little more focus here than abroad."

Denise Sheehan, a 34-year Hauppauge resident, voted for Obama "because he doesn't hate women or gay people." Sheehan continued to say that her decision was easy and that "there is not anything that I do like about [Romney]."

Despite power outages and recent storm damages, the polls have been very active. Anne Baron, polling coordinator at Kings Park High School, said the location has been very busy and expects a rush of people once the local workforce comes off the afternoon trains.

Polls at Smithtown School District Administration Building on New York Avenue were busy this afternoon with about 500 residents having turned out to vote by 1 p.m. About 15 affidavit ballots had been cast there from voters who are out of their polling district. Polls are open there until 9 p.m. and are expected to get busy around 5 p.m.

Gas shortages were on the minds of voters, but didn't prevent them from casting their ballot.

"My husband did not want me to come out today to vote and use the gas, but I was determined," said Carol, a Smithtown resident who said she voted for Obama.

"I voted all Democratic," she said.


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