Fitzpatrick Defeats Macellaro in Seventh Assembly District Race

Update: Stay tuned for the latest results for the seventh assembly district.

As of 1:30 a.m., Incumbent State Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick defeated Democratic challenger Richard Macellaro, earning more than 70 percent of the votes to Macellaro's 29.

"I and my colleagues in the Senate and the Assembly, we had a message that we need to cut spending and we need to control this beast which is the budget deficit," Fitzpatrick said at the Republican headquarters at the Sheraton in Hauppauge. "The solutions are there, the answers are there."

The re-elected assemblyman said the issues concerning his district are very serious but solutions will come.

"The fiscal issues are more serious than people realize," Fitzpatrick said. "We are going to see some real change come to Albany and the entire public sector in the next few years and it starts in January."

Fitzpatrick had nothing but good things to say about his opponent after the results were reported.

"My opponent was an absolute gentleman, it was the way a race ought to be run, it was all about issues," Fitzpatrick said. "We had a lot of fun meeting at the Meet the Candidate forums, the debate, we had a good time at the editorial boards. He never hit below the belt, he was a consummate gentleman."

Incumbent Fitzpatrick has held the seat since 2002 and has said his main priority will be to control Albany's out-of-control spending. He has sponsored legislation and policies to strengthen the private sector and reign in public sector spending, specifically through a bill he wrote to eliminate the "Defined Benefit" pension for all elected officials and political appointees in the state. Prior to serving in the Assembly, Fitzpatrick was an elected member of the Smithtown Town Council for 15 years and ran an unsuccessful campaign for the first congressional seat.

Macellaro, a resident of Kings Park, has said his top priority is bringing funds to the district that can encourage local growth and development.  He cites drug prevention and secession programs, providing for more elderly or youth activities and increasing job training as his main concerns. Macellaro was a special assistant for two New York State Assembly members and has worked as a home healthcare administrator and a founding member of the non-profit organization St. Nicholas N. P. Corp.

Name Party Percent Votes Michael Fitzpatrick R 70.53 21,195
Richard Macellaro D 29.47


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