Smithtown Officials Approve $8M in Road Improvements

Check and see if the town has listed your street for repaving under its 2013 Road Program.

Smithtown officials voted to move forward with more than $8 million in road improvements outlined under the town's 2013 Road Program.

Smithtown Town Board unanimously approved Highway Supervisor Glen Jorgensen's 2013 Road Program that includes $8,099,603.49 in roadway improvements for reconstruction of streets, paving, drainage improvements and curb/sidewalk repairs at their Tuesday meeting.

Jorgensen will spend $1.3 million to do a complete reconstruction of several Smithtown roads including Hawkins Ave, Elm Ave and Juniper Ave in Smithtown.

Under the 2013 Road Program, the town will spend $293,582.50 to re-pave roads in Hauppauge and an additional $763,142.50 to re-pave roads in Nesconset. Here is the list of roads approved on Tuesday afternoon:


  • Holiday Park Drive
  • Leeland Drive
  • Marwood Drive
  • Executive Drive
  • Lark Place
  • Cardinal Lane


  • Adams Ct.
  • Vicar Ct.
  • Donnatella Lane
  • Gina Ct.
  • Excalibur Lane
  • Chivalry Lane
  • Woodview Drive
  • Stone Edge Lane
  • Canterbury Lane
  • Summerfield Drive
  • Decatur Lane
  • Cody Place
  • Kristi Lane
  • Amboy Lane
  • Corniela Lane
  • Sussex Lane
  • Eliot Drive
  • Prince Valiant Ct.
  • Guinevere Lane
  • Crusader Lane
  • Maiden Lane
  • Chapman Road
  • Quenzer St.
  • Brae Mar St.

Tell us, is your street on the list above? If not, should it be and why?

ken April 19, 2013 at 06:48 AM
my road is bad southern blvd. the town repaired southern blvd from middle country to smithtown blvd but all we get is 20ft. patch jobs south of smithtown blvd.


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