Vecchio: Suffolk GOP Pathetic, Altschuler a 'Carpetbagger'

Smithtown Supervisor calls Sufffolk Republican Leader John Jay LaValle endorsement a "kiss of death" for Creighton; highlights failures of party leader.

Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio wrote a scathing letter calling Suffolk GOP Leader John Jay LaValle's leadership "pathetic" after he endorsed opponent Robert Creighton for Smithtown Supervisor on Monday night. 

LaValle attended a fundraiser for Creighton Monday night at the Smithtown Elks Lodge, in which he endorsed Creighton as "the exact kind of person you want to have at the top in Smithtown" while Vecchio still holds the reigns. 

Vecchio's writes: 

Chairman John LaValle,

It is mind-boggling that you, with your failed electoral record, have the temerity and audacity to come into Smithtown and endorse a candidate for Town Supervisor and demean the stellar government of our town.

What is especially egregious, is that you have no real standing to articulate anything of value or substance on election matters.  Let’s look at your record. The Suffolk County Legislature currently consists of Eleven Democrats, two minor party legislators and only five Republicans, a significant erosion of GOP strength under your watch. In January, your candidate for the county legislature of the First District was trounced in a special election by a Democrat. The Republican Party garnered less than thirty-three percent of the vote in a district that favors Republican enrollment. That is pathetic. 

Suffolk County’s two Congressmen are Democrats, as is the County Executive. Your congressional candidate, the carpetbagger Randy Altshuler, was defeated by an overwhelming 11,000 votes in 2012. In short, your support and endorsement of anyone is the “kiss of death.”

I am seeking a 13th term as Town Supervisor of Smithtown, and I do so with a great deal of pride, achievement and fiscal integrity. You had two terms as Supervisor of Brookhaven and you departed while your town was under investigation. The Town of Brookhaven was labeled, “Crookhaven,” during your tenure in office. That sobriquet, unfortunately, has affected the candidacies of too many good and able Republican candidates for any office.

There is one good option for you, and that is resignation. You owe it to the Republican Party of Suffolk County.

- Patrick Vecchio

Moe February 27, 2013 at 01:18 PM
Sounds like Vecchio is off his meds. Very unprofessional and immature response. I haven't had the opportunity yet to properly vet the candidates before making an informed decision but this letter certainly tells me a lot about Vecchio and will probably weigh heavy in my decision of who to vote for. It sounds like typical, 'I can't defend my record so I'll just attack anyone who disagrees with me'. Then there is also Vecchio telling us recently what a great job was done clearing the streets after the now storm while the truth was the majority of roads hadn't been touched by a snow plow. Between that and this letter he sounds out of touch.
Sal February 27, 2013 at 07:27 PM
Sign this petition. And, Vecchio is perfectly fine, but sometimes when you are working with a bunch of adults acting like children it gets to you. http://www.change.org/petitions/smithtown-hall-representatives-shut-down-all-companies-that-do-not-comply-with-current-town-codes
Mark D West February 28, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Well, Vecchio was dead on in touch calling Altschuler a Carpetbagger which is exactly what he proved to be when he moved in to run and after being twice rejected he is moving out. Vecchio seems still sharp to me.
Moe February 28, 2013 at 04:49 AM
So in one breath you say Vecchio is fine but he has been looking the other way on these violations for how long now? Special interest?
Sal February 28, 2013 at 12:58 PM
No, Vecchio never looked the other way. He has responded to every one's complaint. Creighton kept it going. He also never took contributions from the attorney's that KPE2 has hired to keep their illegal activities going. Oh, but Creighton has! Go buy the Newsday today.


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