LIST: Phone Numbers Every Student's Parent Should Know

Print out this list of phone numbers in case of emergency situation at school

Hauppauge students heading back to school on Wednesday are prepared, armed with backpacks full of supplies and dressed in the latest fashion. Parents also need to prepare themselves for the start of a new school year.

What happens when your child is so excited to get home from school, they forget their lunch box or clarinet on the bus. Perhaps they've come down sick and are waiting for you at the nurse's office.

Here's a list of phone numbers every parent needs to know to get through the 2011-2012 school year:

District Administration
Superintendent Patricia Sullivan-Kriss: 631-761-8208
* District Clerk Kathy Bottner: 631-761-8207
* Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Administration (Student Services) Michele Rothfeld: 631-761-8217
* Pupil Personnel Services, Director Claire Hochheiser: 631-761-8340

Emergencies, such as vandalism: 631-265-8511
School Watch, anonymous tip line: 631-548-8232

 Main Office: 631-582-6633
* Attendance/Nurse's Office: 631-761-8823
* Guidance Office: 631-761-8827 
* Psychologist: 631-761-8829

Main Office: 631-265-3265
* Attendance/Nurse’s Office: 631-761-8835
* Guidance: 631-761-8840

Pines Elementary 
 Main Office: 631-543-8700
* Attendance/Nurse’s Office: 631-761-8812
* Guidance: 631-761-8819 

* Main Office: 631-761-8230
* Assistant Principal Daniel Wald: 631-761-8246
* Guidance Office: 631-761-8254
* Attendance Office: 631-761-8229
* Nurse’s Office: 631-761-8223
*Psychologist: 631-761-8251 

* Main Office: 631-761-8302
* Guidance Office:
       - Last names (A-K): 631-761-8337
       - Last names (L-Z): 631- 761-8339
* Attendance Office: 631-761-8312
* Nurse’s Office: 631-761-8315

Athletic Director
Joseph Tasman: 631-761-8373

Atlantic Bus Services
For lost or missing items: 631-451-0002


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