Photo of the Day: Middle School Science Fair Winners

Hauppauge school district recognizes its Hauppauge Middle School science fair winners in grades sixth through eighth.

Hauppauge school officials recognized those students who had winning projects in the Hauppauge Middle School Science and Technology Fair in 2012.

More than 300 middle school students in grades sixth to eighth participated in the science and technology fair this year. Projects covered a variety of subjects including water filtration, the effects of rosin on sound, and time perception. Robert Wankmuller, the middle school's director of science, technology and research, personally interviewed each of the winners to determine final placement in the contest.

Five winners were selected from each grade level. Two of the sixth grade winners will participate in the 20120 Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary Science Fair. Four seventh and eighth-grade students will enter the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair. All ten of the seventh and eighth-grade students will participate in the Long Island Science Congress.


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