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School Board Meeting Cheat Sheet - Jan. 18

Board Trustees learn district’s college graduate rate as related to Regents, approve tenured positions.

 Hauppauge Board of Education held its second January 2011 meeting on Tuesday night to discuss the district’s college graduate rate, how it relates to Regents score, approval of tenure positions and more. 


Linda Karman, director of guidance and student data, gave a presentation on Hauppauge’s college admissions about rate of college enrollment and graduation versus test scores.

Karman conducted a comprehensive study and analysis of Hauppauge’s graduating class of 2005, her first year in current position. In 2005, Suffolk County had 67 percent of high school graduates enrolling in college immediately, where Hauppauge school district saw 80 percent of students enrolled. 

Colleges most selected by Hauppauge students including Suffolk Community College and SUNY campuses. Alumni notably higher than state average enrollments in Boston University, SUNY Plattsburg, Towson University and Buffalo State College.

Further breaking down her study, Karman found 225 out of 254 students enrolled in college in 2005. Of those, 127 students graduated with a college degree. These stats were pulled from that National Student Clearinghouse who bases its information on student enrollment records, not all information was accounted for.

Karman concluded that 80 percent of Hauppauge alumni who graduated with college had earned a Regents diploma with advanced designation, only 18 percent had a Regents diploma.

She stated this was important comparison as New York Stat has considered raising what is considered a passing grades on the English and Math Regents in order to better prepare students for college.

Superintendent Patricia Sullivan-Kriss said the corresponding nature of successful college graduates and passing Regents scores was evident, provided reason to continue increasing academic standards to where students need to be adequately prepared to enter college.

Superintendent’s Comments

Sullivan-Kriss thanked the district’s building and grounds staff for quick clean up of the previous snowstorm that dumped more than a foot of snow on school grounds.

The superintendent also discussed the g held by various district’s superintendents and language teachers on Jan. 14.

Notable Consent Items:

  • Teaching assistants Marie Barry of with Margo Rosenman and June Segal of School were appointed to tenure.
  • Alexandria Hiam was hired as a library medial specialist for Forest Brooks starting Jan. 31, replacing S . Schumacher, in resignation, at the annual salary of $58,220.

Next: Hauppauge's Board of Education will hold its next meeting on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m in the Hauppauge Administrative Office's boardroom. 


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